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 Terror Vision

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PostSubject: Terror Vision   Terror Vision EmptyWed Jun 17, 2009 3:45 pm

Terror Vision (1986):

Director:Ted Nicolaou
Runtime:83 min

Well I saw this movie like a month ago.
Though I had the frech version of the movie,wich kinda sucks I know,me and my friends enjoyed it so much.Actually there wasn’t a moment we didn’t laugh,just everything was funny the crazy kid,grandpa,the weird parents and ofcourse the monster.One word for the creator of the monster:You are a GENIUS!
It’s just so original and he looks kinda badass if you ask me!
So sinds I had a frech dubbed version I can’t really tell you much details of the movie but still I’ll try.


Well the story is about a weird family with a crazy kid,his sister,a grandpa who sells lizard tails and 2 swinging parents.One day the father was repairing his satellite dish when lightning struck his satellite.This is when you see the monster for the first time, every now and then the monster turns up on the tv.The monster can come out of the tv and can go back in it everytime he wants.
When the kid,called Sherman,and his grandpa are home alone the monster comes out of the tv.The 2 run for their lives and seek shelter in the storage room of grandpa where he keeps all of his guns and explosives.So they deside to grab some guns and kill the monster.They split up and seek for the monster.Now the monster kills the first familymember,grandpa!
So when the monster seems to listen to OD,the boyfriend of Sherman’s sister,the monster seems to be a very friendly beast. They spend some time trying to communicate, along with teaching it table manners.So they deside to call Medusa(hostess of a late night horror show,straining cleavage, terrible puns, you name the stereotype).They close a deal:the monster can act in Medusa’s show for some money ofcourse. The monster freaks out again after he finally finds out OD isn’t his master.
About now Pluthar,the real master of the monster,arrives bringing some advanced weapons.At the moment he wants to kill the hungry monster Medusa freaks out and hits Pluthar with her purse.So Sherman tries to kill the beast but will he succeed ?
Find out yourself ‘cause I won’t tell you what happens at the end!
That would spoil the fun,wouldn’t it ? (:

Things I learned from this movie:
-Hostesses for late night horror shows aren’t exactly chosen for their brains,though the criteria does begin with a "B."
-Television sets are capable of materializing solid matter.
-Swingers love Roman architecture, anything Roman when you get down to it.
-Monsters always listen to thrashers with spiky bracelets!
-A 11-year old kid can fire army weapons without a problem.
-Women with G-cups can still walk!

Some pictures:
Terror Vision Terrorvision5
This is grandpa and Sherman.
Terror Vision Terrorvision7
This is Medusa,like I said she isn't chosen for her brains,but for her B.... (:
Terror Vision Terrorvision4
And finally,this is the monster I talked about!!
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Terror Vision
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