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 Bad Taste.

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Bad Taste. Empty
PostSubject: Bad Taste.   Bad Taste. EmptyTue Jun 16, 2009 8:01 pm

Bad Taste (1987)

Director:Peter Jackson
Runtime:91 min |Australia:86 min |Belgium:98 min
Country:New Zealand

This is actually one of the best movies I've ever seen!
I mean come on guys,automatic weapons,aliens eating people,bloody gore scenes,...that's what horror movies are all about!And it's all directed and produced by Peter Jackson.
The plot is so simple but so well done.

Derek,Barry,Frank and ozzy are al members of New Zealand's alien ass kicking team:the Astro-Investigation and Defense Service(AIDS).
When a little town is attacked by aliens who are planning to use human flesh for their intergalactic fastfood chain they are put into action.

An important scene in the movie:
Derek is busy torturing Robert(one of the aliens) causing a bunch of alien screaming,
and the noise makes every bastard running for Derek.What follows is a scene full of gore and
clumsiness.At the end Derek falls of a big cliff onto a large rock.He's not dead,but he's totally screwed up.
A chunk of his brains falls out once in a while wich makes him do the stupidest thing you can imagine.

Meanwhile,a charity collector happens to be in the town and is soon kidnapped by the aliens.
The team decides to rescue the man.They sneak in,take him out of the thing he's marinated in,then try to leave quitly.
But as you might have suspected,that isn't as easy as it looks!The guys are trapped in a gun battle with the aliens.
Derek pulls himself together and finds himself a chainsaw!
The aliens are being killed one by one by those insane motherfuckers!The aliens try to escape using their spaceship(wich happens the be their house!).
But the leader didn't count on a Derek a board...

Things I learned from this movie:
-Having a bayonet hammered into your heel sucks!
-Sledgehammers are laying around all over the place in New Zealand.
-When firing an Uzi you don't have to make "bang, bang" sounds.
-Brains are spoon food.
-When your skull is cracked and brains are falling out avoid tight hats.
-Blood is slick stuff, mop it up before someone gets killed.
-Vomit is delicious.

-Derek:I'm a Derek and Dereks don't run!
-Ozzy:The bastards have landed!
-Alien Leader:I expect you're wondering what you're doing soaking in Reg's eleven secret herbs and spices. Tomorrow we're having *you* for lunch!
-Alien Leader:I think the gruel is ready!
-Derek:I'm coming to get you bastards. [laughs in a mad way]
-Lord Crumb:[drinking bowl of alien vomit] Aren't I lucky, I got a chunky bit!
-Derek:I'm born again! [after chainsawing through an alien's head, falling inside and exiting between it's legs]

Stuff To Watch For:
11 mins - Derek has an alien hanging upside down over the cliff edge? Hey, it's a bearded and retarded Peter Jackson!
19 mins - They're using their buddy as a battering ram!
23 mins - That dude has a sledge hammer embedded in his skull!
29 mins - Derek is rolling down a cliff! A tall cliff... ...oh SPLAT! Sorry Derek.
36 mins - Derek's still alive, but a flap of his skull flopped open and brains fell out! Hehehehe, he's stuffing them back in!
47 mins - Yum, blue vomit.
57 mins - Frank is taking fire from all sorts of directions.
71 mins - RPG!
82 mins - Flying house...
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Bad Taste.
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