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 Shattering Glass, Sugar Glass

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PostSubject: Shattering Glass, Sugar Glass   Shattering Glass, Sugar Glass EmptyTue Jun 16, 2009 7:03 pm

Here you can find a tutorial how to make sugar glass.

All you need is :
-cooking spray
-corn syrup
-a pot
-a pan
-cream of tartar

step 1:Mix water, corn syrup, sugar, and cream of tartar in the pot. Stir often and bring it to a boil slowly. If you boil it too quickly, it'll caramelize. As it heats up, it'll go from a cloudy color to clear.

step 2:Heat the mixture to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C), then remove from heat. This should take at least an hour. Use a candy thermometer, but be careful not to let it fall in the mixture.

step 3:Spray the cookie sheet generously with cooking spray.

step 4:Pour the hot mixture very carefully (and with thick gloves) into the cookie sheet. Pour slowly to minimize bubbles.

step 5:Put the cookie sheet on an even surface. This will help the mixture spread out evenly so that the finished glass isn't thicker on some spots and thinner on others. Leave the mixture to dry for about an hour. After 25 minutes it should be cool enough to touch, but it isn't hardened, so don't take it out until the full hour has passed.

step 6:Carefully remove the dry glass from the cookie sheet. Take a knife and heat it up under hot water, then carefully cut along the very edge where the glass meets the edge of the pan. Carefully pry it up. Then flip it over and slowly lift the pan away from the sugar glass that is resting on your hand.

If you want to see it in real life, check this movie !
Tutorial : how to make sugar glass.
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Shattering Glass, Sugar Glass
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