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 Rip a bloody heart of a chest!

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Rip a bloody heart of a chest! Empty
PostSubject: Rip a bloody heart of a chest!   Rip a bloody heart of a chest! EmptyTue Jun 16, 2009 6:50 pm

Here you can find a tutorial for ripping a bloody heart out of a chest!

All you need is:
-an old pillow
-an old plastic food container
-aluminum foil
-fake blood
-an old shirt
-some red paint
-and a potato

Step 1:Take the potatoe and paint it red.

Step 2:Put your fake blood in the food container.

Step 3:Put the potatoe in the blood container.

Step 4:Glue some aluminum foil to the top of the container and make your your blood can't come out.

Step 5:Cut a hole in the pillow(make sure the blood container fits in perfectly!).

Step 6:Tape the container in the pillow.

Step 7:Put the pillow in the old shirt and your finished!

If you want to see it in real life, check this movie.
Tutorial : Rip a bloody heart out of a chest!
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Rip a bloody heart of a chest!
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